My brother is older and smokes medical weed now

I moved away from home when my brother was young.

It wasn’t easy for me to leave, but I had to.

My dream was to become a screenwriter, and that wasn’t possible in a small town. I worked so many different jobs to save enough money, got on the bus, and left to start a new life. Mom called me every night for the first month to make sure I was okay. At times my brother would stay on the iphone and cry, which almost broke my heart. I worked as a production assistant for some time until I got a chance. The film I was working on needed some help with the script and that’s how my career began. I managed to gain quite a bit of money from that and other recurring jobs. My brother went to college near me and then lived with me. It was weird seeing him older. Suddenly he could drink, drive and legally smoke weed. The first time going into the cannabis dispensary with him was weird. But, my brother had been dealing with anxiety for years. Apparently cannabis is really great for treating that. He actually has a legal medical marijuana script to take cannabis flower and oil. I like smoking weed just to get high. So he was really the more reasonable one here. It was like Christmas had come early. My brother and I were able to bond again through cannabis. Every weekend we pop over to the cannabis dispensary to pick up some products. Sometimes we even hung out in the vape lounge for a bit.

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