Marijuana is a better party gift over booze

This summer my buddies and I threw a huge party.

I almost missed it though.

One afternoon, my friend Tom called me and said our buddy Jason was having a few friends over to his home since his parents were out of town. Tom and I got ready and thought about what booze to bring. I hate being drunk. I tend to lose motor skills and get sick. I always prefer marijuana to alcohol. It is safer, cleaner and you don’t have the horrible after effects. I pushed for us to visit the cannabis dispensary for something to bring. Tom suggested both of us take some pot brownies. They were simple, and everyone loved edibles. Both of us drove to a local cannabis dispensary to get the pot brownies and ended up hanging out. They had some new cannabis products that piqued our interest. Also, Tom wanted to check the CBD oil and cannabis oils. Both of us didn’t realize how much time had passed inside the marijuana dispensary until our phone rang. It was Jason asking where both of us were since everyone else was already at his place. We ran to the counter to pay for the marijuana products. I’d seen some cannabis oil pens and told the budtender I wanted to bring stuff for a party. He ended up selling me a bong, cannabis flower, a few vapes and tons of oil. He also got Tom to buy edible brownies, cookies and a whole cake. We spent a ton of money but the stuff we brought was a huge hit.


Local cannabis spot