Local pet CBD products for my cat

He is family, but it seems weird he would get better medicine than me

My cat is around 15 years old and he is definitely sore and stiff. He tries not to jump if he can help it. He used to use a cat door in the window all day long. Now he just meows at the door to be let out. I notice when he gets up from a nap he is a little tight and has to work out his muscles. I found online that there are CBD pet products. I even found a dispensary that carries local pet CBD products. Apparently I can put a bit of the CBD product in his cat food and he should be good to go. It would help his daily aches and pains. I am a bit worried. I don’t want to have a cat that is high all day. My cat goes a bit insane when I give him catnip. What is he going to be like on THC? I did find that most pet CBD products don’t contain any THC which is good. It is approved and regulated and lots of animal owners are using them. It just seems weird to me. I don’t smoke cannabis or take any CBD products. I would be going to the cannabis dispensary near me, pick otu CBD products and pay for them every month just for a cat. Well, he is more than a cat. He is family, but it seems weird he would get better medicine than me. I have done some research though and the CBD benefits on animals are quite high. I think it is worth it. I hate seeing my baby look tight and stiff.


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