Want to be discreet when buying our CBD

I grew up in a time where cannabis was a gateway drug.

I remember attending assemblies where the kids would watch motion pictures about the dangers of drugs; Each drug had its own little clip where you would follow a person who messed their life up because of drugs, however cannabis was constantly the first one.

I remember thinking weed was as disturbing as cocaine and heroin. Now I realized cannabis isn’t dangerous at all, then you can’t overdose or get so high it messes you up. Cannabis is now medically legal and in certain states recreationally allowed as well. The FDA regulates and approves it. You can’t just walk into a cannabis dispensary, buy all you want and mess yourself up. There are limits. It is now safe to do. Even with all of that, I am still scared to be a medical marijuana patient. I have pretty terrible anxiety and I did all the paperwork to get medical cannabis for it. I have our card, even though I can’t make myself go into the store. I also worry about people who think myself and others telling our parents about it. My parents are still believers of cannabis being even. I did find that CBD could work for our anxiety and that only has small traces of THC. There is also a CBD dispensary near myself and others that offers CBD pick up and delivery. I have played around on their website. I could locale an order and have it delivered to our doorstep. The only reason I haven’t done it yet is because I am not sure if the delivery van has a giant pot leaf on it.

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