The cannabis store was bought out

Corporate economics can get ruthless occasionally, especially when you’re looking at giant conglomerates or companies formed out of investment groups.

With venture capitalism, a lot of good companies get bought out, gutted, and resold for a profit.

This happened with my city’s local newspaper where I was working for 6 years following high school. While they were once a subsidiary of the New York Times, the famed newspaper had to sell off a lot of their assets following the death of physical newspapers amid the Great Recession and the expansion of digital media. They sold the paper to a venture capital supplier that got the company back into the black on their balance sheets. But the real problems came when they sold the now-profitable paper to a much more ruthless venture capital group. They gutted the staff and laid everyone off with no warning before other cost-cutting measures were put into place. It’s sad seeing companies cannibalize others, especially in the marijuana industry. The largest dispensary supplier in our state just grew bigger after buying out one of their competitors last week. Since all of the stores will be converted to the larger supplier, the previous cannabis supplier had to get rid of all of their products as quickly as possible. Even though they suspended home delivery services, you could still come to the store and buy anything for 80% off. I know a lot of people who got an ounce of weed Last week for under $50. I like getting marijuana that cheap, however I dislike the reasons for why that’s possible in the first place.

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