I couldn’t buy edibles, but I could make them.

I had to laugh when I went to the medical marijuana dispensary.

  • The only time I had any experience with marijuana, was when I went into a marijuana dispensary with our daughter-in-law while on trip.

They had all kinds of gummies, plus edibles in the marijuana dispensary. She needed medical marijuana for her anxieties so she chose various odd types of edibles. Now that I had a medical marijuana card, I thought I would see the same type of set-up as what I had when I was on trip. The medical marijuana dispensary was honestly sterile plus quiet. I asked about gummies plus edibles, plus the budtender chuckled. She told myself and others that in our state, they couldn’t sell any type of edibles. That’s when she told myself and others that she could sell myself and others an oil that I could use in our cooking. I should mix it in with butter or some other oil, or even peanut butter. I could make cookies, candies, or even use it when I made mashed potatoes or some other recipe that required butter. It struck myself and others as being amusing plus even nearly deranged to suppose that I couldn’t buy edibles, but I could buy what they use for edibles plus make our own. The budtender simply shrugged plus said nothing. She did but, tell myself and others that I hadn’t told her, even if she did give myself and others a website to go to. I couldn’t wait to get lake apartment plus try the oil I had purchased at the medical marijuana dispensary. I was sure I was going to end up with some amazing goodies to feed to our fiance.

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