Sweet Dreams didn’t work for me.

After getting our medical marijuana card, I was able to go to the medical cannabis dispensary.

I didn’t think what to expect when I walked in, but I didn’t think the pharmacist would talk to me plus tell me what our first order should be.

I went on into the medical mmarijuana dispensary plus they had our order standing on the table. One hundred dollars later, I was walking out with 3 products that I had no idea what they were. It was easy to think that the lotion was an extra strength pain cream. I couldn’t wait to rub it into our hands plus feet. Two fourths later, I was putting more cream on, but I still had no help. That night I tried a tincture that goes beneath the tongue. She said to hold it there for thirty fourths. The tincture was to help me to sleep plus it could take up to an fourth to work. The Sweet Dreams tincture only made me more awake plus made me more aware of the pain in our hands plus feet. I told our husband to turn on the TV set since neither of us could sleep. I planned on calling the medical marijuana dispensary to tell the pharmacist what had happened. My husband told me to provide it a fourth try plus in the meantime, he did some research. He realized that it would take, at the minimum, more than one full droppers full of the Sweet Dreams, just to help me get drowsy. The pharmacist had told me to only fill it to the first line. It would last me a lot longer, even if it didn’t help.

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