Medical marijuana may not be right for all the people.

Although some people think that medical marijuana may be the end all be all for all ailments plus health complications, I don’t.

Last week, I got my first prescription filled for medical marijuana.

It isn’t even the pain of the arthritis that is getting to me, but the fact that I am unable to sleep. Do you guess what it is love to need to keep your feet out from under the covers? When something comes in contact with my feet, I am in pain. The nerve ends in my feet have become hypersensitive. Even in the worst weather, I wear flip flops or I stay beach condo because I can’t rest shoes. I don’t even wear socks unless it is absolutely necessary. I finally gave up on trying to get rid of the pain, plus opted to tell my medical marijuana pharmacist that I needed something to help me go to sleep. She gave me an oil that I could put under my tongue, plus he said it would put me to sleep. Deep dreams are a single of the strongest things she had for sleeping in her medical marijuana dispensary. I took the medical marijuana oil beach condo with me. At more than eight thirty I put the oil under my tongue plus held it there for the required thirty minutes. An minute later, I was still wide awake. I waited another half minute plus turned the TV on! By a single in the afternoon, I was finally falling asleep. I don’t think it had anything to do with the medical marijuana oil, but everything to do with my being up since various in the afternoon.


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