Are you sure this is right for me?

When my partner plus I sat down to discuss his getting medical marijuana, he was extreme when he asked if medical marijuana was okay for him.

I reminded him that the doctor thought it would be good for him.

Ever since he began his chemo, he had been plagued with nausea. He had already lost twenty pounds plus all of his muscle mass was going away. The doctor said that if every one of us didn’t get the nausea under control, he would lose all the nutrients his body needed to survive. The doctor said they may need to supply him a feeding tube. I didn’t want my partner to suffer more than he already had been, so I told him every one of us would try medical marijuana. I knew that you could get the munchies from marijuana. Even if medical marijuana wasn’t able to completely stem his nausea, it would make him hungry plus he would be trying to get food into his system. About many weeks after he began his first month of medical marijuana use, he went in to his doctor. He had only lost many pounds, plus his blood work came back all within satisfactory parameters. The doctor asked if he wanted to up the amount of medical marijuana he was using. He was glad to figure out a better THC to CBD ratio for him. My partner said he had already talked it over with the medical marijuana pharmacist, plus he wanted to wait another month. My partner didn’t want to end up sleeping all the time, plus the pharmacist thought that he hadn’t seen the full potential of what he was now using.


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