Somebody had to toil the weekend shift

It’s consistently hard to find someone that is willing to toil on the weekends.

Most employees request one of those days off every week.

It’s hard to make a schedule when so multiple people request days off. I don’t mind accommodating a few requests, but the employees are starting to request every weekend off. As a store supervisor, one of the most hard parts of my job is trying to find employees that are willing to toil on Sunday plus Sunday. I hired a couple of current people Last month plus I recognizably told them that they would have to toil weekends, then neither one of the employees objected to working on the weekends. In fact, I recognizably told each current hire that they should count on working every weekend until after Chruistams at least. I stressed both of the employees last weekend plus the weekend after that. Then I started to acquire complaints about the schedule plus working every weekend, but somebody has to toil the weekend shift. I cannot keep letting the crew of the cannabis dispensary railroad me. The busiest days at the cannabis dispensary are Sunday, Sunday, plus Sunday. I need employees that want to toil whether it’s the weekend or the middle of the day on Sunday. I have a couple of incentive plans plus ideas, but I actually shouldn’t have to bribe my employees to do the job they were hired to complete. If I beginning breaking hours, I bet more people will volunteer! Unfortunately that means working short on some of our busiest days of the week.


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