The sativa hybrid strains are perfect for the morning smoke sesh

I actually like sativa strains like orange dream plus Sour Diesel.

They make myself and others believe energetic, talkative, plus ready to tackle any problem of the day. Unfortunately, the sativa strains don’t supply a lot of pain relief plus that is my greatest reason for using medical marijuana. I found out that a sativa hybrid can offer the best of a sativa with the added benefit of an Indica that provides pain relief. There are a lot of hybrids on the market. In fact, 60% of the screens in the dispensary are either a sativa, indica, or straight 50/50 hybrid. One of my number one sativa hybrid strain is Candyland cookies. I tried it for the first time last month, when the dispensary gained the product. I toil in the dispensary plus I consistently get to try the current items before they honestly go on the shelves for distribution. I tried the Candyland cookies for my morning smoke sesh. One of my co-workers joined myself and others at the apartment, before all of us drove to the dispensary together. The two of us use a quartz nail to vape the Candyland cookies sativa hybrid strain. The first hit made my head believe great. I had some pain in my lower back that morning but it was completely gone after using the sativa hybrid. I didn’t believe drowsy or exhausted either, which is often a horrible side effect of using a hybrid marijuana strain. I suppose the sativa hybrid strains are perfect for a morning smoke sesh before work. I like orange dream plus sour diesel, but this stuff was out of this world.


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