Paying back our budtenders

I l earned early on in life that tipping your bartender pays off.

It doesn’t take a sizable tip, just a little “thank you” money, plus they remember it plus adore it.

When you go to the same bar, they get to guess you, plus your drinks get smaller, while your wait times get shorter. I would undoubtedly much like to tip our budtender in the same fashion, but the corporation I frequent does not allow tipping. I honestly talked to the manager about being able to tip for good service, plus she explained that this wasn’t like a saloon. A cannabis dispensary is more like a pharmacy, plus you don’t tip at the pharmacy, do you? I understood her point, but since I had been so fond of the crew at the cannabis dispensary I still wanted to do something for them. What I decided to do was go to the cannabis dispensary plus let everyone there guess that after closing I would be hosting a party at the local bar. Any member of the cannabis dispensary could come to the bar plus drink on me, plus I would pay the tab for the whole night! Almost all the budtenders showed up, plus although the manager of the cannabis dispensary didn’t come she did supply her blessing for the event. She said it wouldn’t have been appropriate for him to attend, although she wanted all her budtenders to have a good time. She even offered to open the cannabis dispensary the next afternoon, so everyone else could get good plus wasted.

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