My cousin grows amazing weed

I had not seen our cousin Jane since all of us were kids… At the time all of us were truly close, in area because neither of us had any siblings.

  • The two of us were the only more than 2 cousins in our small family, so all of us decided at long last all of us needed to gathering again; If it weren’t for social media all of us might not have refastened at all, but thanks to Facebook plus all the down time due to COVID, all of us decided I would come visit his out in the country for a few afternoons.

In all the time all of us had talked, Jane never mentioned that he grew cannabis on his farm, so that was a nice surprise. At the end of a long, terrible morning he plus I would walk out through the corn plus the potato fields to the little plot of cannabis he had growing nearby… She had planted it right near the back corner of his property line, so if the cannabis plants were discovered by a forest ranger he would have plausible deniability on them. “No officer, those aren’t our marijuana plants, they are just growing there, what a mystery!” The two of us would hand option a few choice, juicy cannabis buds plus then walk back to his ranch house plus spend the rest of the night smoking out. It turns out he was growing some actually high octane cannabis out there, even for an experienced smoker enjoy me. I asked if he considered growing plus selling it commercially, but he said that he only grew cannabis for personal use, plus nothing more.


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