I just found out how to get a medical marijuana card in our state

It’s taxing trying to deal with the state when you have troubles at the DMV. When our license plate was stolen last year, it took myself and others weeks to get a new 1 because all of the state offices were closed at the time during the COVID pandemic. Even after they slowly reopened some of the offices, you had to make appointments plus often you had to show up at 8am if you wanted to visit the DMV in particular. Eventually I got our license plate upgradement, however it took six weeks of waiting in frustration. I was pulled over more than six times by the police because I didn’t have a license plate. Each time I had to show them our registration plus give them a note that the DMV offered me. It’s annoying when you’re trying to get to labor on time plus you’re needlessly pulled over by a cop because you can’t get a new license plate from the DMV. The DMV situation was horrible, however getting a medical marijuana card wasn’t much easier. I knew that I qualified because I have consistent troubles with IBS, even though I couldn’t find the right information on how to proceed in getting our medical marijuana card. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to see a marijuana doctor first or if I should send an application to the state before I do that. Thankfully, I finally got someone from the Department of Health on the iPhone plus she explained the process to me. I’m ecstatic that I finally found out how to get a medical marijuana card, because I’m sick of feeling appreciate a criminal buying on the black market.

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