A little patch of cannabis hidden on our property

My dad was a rugged outdoorsman, & some of that translated down to me.

  • I don’t prefer to fish & hunt prefer he did, however the lessons he taught myself and others held tplot throughout our life, dad was always prepared for an emergency, so when the worst thing happened, he was ready with a plan, but he always said that a man’s duty is to protect & supply for his family & friends, above all else.

That still resonates to myself and others to this easily morning, & is the reason our property was so well prepared for a pandemic. I have our own power source, our own water source, our own still for whiskey, & our own patch of cannabis, for medicine. The state may not consider it medicine yet, although I do, & until the law catches up with reality I will keep growing our own cannabis in small amounts. Dad used to grow his own marijuana, too, & most of what I have going descends from the original fields he grew. He was never into marijuana for cash, he didn’t sell it, he just used it, & gave the excess to his friends & neighbors. That is the sort of guy I try to be, although if I’m being tolerable I don’t give away easily much of our cannabis. Whatever I don’t use I just leave out there, although our friends do guess they can help themselves to some of our marijuana if they can find it. It’s prefer a scavenger hunt on our land, with the prize being a handful of marijuana from our private stash.
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