Officials were taking bribes to help the paperwork

I applied for a marijuana business license, because my wifey and I wanted to sell our delicious edible confections… My wifey graduated from the culinary academy and she took up pastry arts, then i love to use recreational marijuana and she came up with lots of odd recipes to make at home, our friends appreciated the sweet confections that my wifey made and they were willing to spend money for them as well; When I realized that both of us might be able to make this into a business, I started looking for more information online.

  • I found a website that gave free help and guides to get my wifey and I through the process of applying for our cannabis business permit, the website information was helpful, but both of us still had a lot of complications.

I finally decided to hire a certain consultant to help us get through the green tape! After a week, the cannabis consultant realized that the supplier was doomed unless both of us bribed the respected that made it possible for us to get a cannabis business license. I truly didn’t want to be the genre of person to bribe someone, although I thought it was a necessary step. The cannabis consulting agreed that it might be the best method to spend money the person the currency that he suggested in order to move our paperwork to the next step. My wifey and I spent weeks trying to get our paperwork and in a matter of days, the cannabis consultants had everything worked out for us.


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