The cannabis shop features the 1st lounge

Last year, the owner of this cannabis dispensary decided to purchase the building next door.

  • The owner of the cannabis dispensary planned to turn the other building into a cannabis Lounge.

When the space was purchased, the owner started making some changes. She got rid of the wall in our cannabis shop so both of the rooms could be one large space. The owner of the building agreed to all of the changes. It took six months for the construction crew to finish all of the work. During that time, the building was under construction and our sales plummeted. Most people didn’t realize that we were still open for business even though there was a big cement truck parked outside of the cannabis dispensary. Since the lounge opened last month, everything has been different. The cannabis dispensary is busy all day, morning, noon and night. There are people hanging out in the Cannabis Lounge until we lock the doors at 10 pm. Our sales have increased by 20% and that doesn’t include all of the sales inside of the lounge. The lounge sells snacks like peanuts, popcorn, chips, candy bars, soda, and energy drinks. Every day we have to restock the items in the bar, so I know for sure that we are making money on that side of the business as well. The owner of this place took a chance when she decided to buy the shop space next door. We are the first business to feature a lounge or area for customers to sit and relax and I think more places will catch on to the idea.