The 10% off discount from the cannabis store was awesome

My bestie and I moved to an up-to-date neighborhood and both of us were stunned by the view that almost everyone has on marijuana in the town! The two of us moved from a place without any recreational weed shops in the least, but this neighborhood has multiple unusual places to buy marijuana.

One of the shops even has a lounge attached, so there is a spot for people to buy weed and then smoke it.

My buddy and I went to the cannabis shop with the dispensary and the lounge. The two of us purchased 2 pre-rolled marijuana joints with distillate, bubble hash, and indica weed. I acquired 10% off the purchase, because it was my first time ordering from that cannabis shop. The two of us opened a single of the pre-rolled marijuana joints inside of the lounge. We barely finished the joint and both of us were definitely feeling good. The lounge has a snack bar with all types of unusual treats such as candy, snacks, root beer barrels, and even soft pretzels. My pal and I had a couple of pretzels and both of us sat in the lounge and watched the rest of the football game… After the game was eventually finished, both of us drove back to the household. The two of us stopped at the counter on the way out and picked up a gram of concentrate also. Since both of us never left the cannabis dispensary, both of us acquired 10% off that purchase as well. The next time my bestie and I choose to go to the marijuana shop, she will be able to purchase items and also gain the 10% off discount for her first time purchase.

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