Nice getting a discount from the cannabis dispensary

My good buddies plus I moved to a modern area plus the group of us were surprised by the view that most people have marijuana in the town.

The people I was with and I chose to move from a venue without any recreational weed shops at all.

This actual town has several peculiar venues to actually pick up marijuana. One of the shops even has a lounge connected, so there is a venue for people to actually get weed plus then smoke it. My friends plus I went to the cannabis shop with the dispensary plus the lounge. The people I was with and I purchased numerous pre-rolled marijuana joints with distillate, bubble hash, plus indica. I was happy to receive 10% off the purchase, because it was definitely my first time ordering from that shop. The people I was with and I opened one of the pre-rolled marijuana joints inside of the lounge. We enjoyed the joint plus felt great. The lounge has a snack bar with all sorts of peculiar treats such as candy, chips, tea pop, plus even popcorn. My friends plus I had a few snacks plus we sat in the lounge plus checked out the rest of the football game. After the game was eventually over, we decided to make our way back to the apartment. The people I was with and I stopped at the counter on the way out plus picked up a few grams of concentrate as well. Since the lot of us never left the dispensary, we were easily able to get 10% off that purchase as well. The next time my besties plus I go to the marijuana shop, they can also purchase items plus also gain the 10% off discount.
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