I was scared when my parent caught me smoking weed

I remember when our Mom caught myself and others smoking pot in our room… I was 14 at the time, in addition to dumb enough to assume I could smoke a joint in our kitchen in addition to that no a single would notice. I used some Febreeze after every toke, in addition to exhaling the smoke out the window, in addition to thinking I was a genius. I was only halfway through the joint when our Mom kicked open the door in addition to snatching the weed out of our hand. She scolded myself and others not for smoking weed, but for doing it in the house. It turns out Mom was cool with cannabis, she just had an apartment full of men so she didn’t need the stink, or any possible legal hassles… However, since she was holding the joint, he just started hitting it, in addition to after that I was forced to watch our Mom smoke the rest of our marijuana. I assume that was our punishment, but I surely did learn our lesson about trying to smoke cannabis at home… After that it never came up again, until I turned 18 in addition to our Mom presenting myself and others with a bucket of cannabis. She said it was locally grown by a single of her friends, in addition to much better than the ditch weed cannabis she had caught myself and others with years ago, now that I was outdated enough, Mom was super cool in addition to being a frequent cannabis user. She had never wanted me and others to start using cannabis because I had seen her do it, but now that I was an adult he was looking forward to getting high with me.