I finally know the secret of cannabis cooking

The two of us accidentally figured out how to cook with cannabis. The two of us were working on a project as well as in the strictest of lockdown during the quarantine period there were entirely many stores closed down completely. The two of us were limited in our access to many stores as well as discourage completely from leaving our home or apartments. The two of us had a ton of weed as well as thought that it was a good time to make cannabis Edibles. The two of us were going to make cannabis brownies, but the two of us didn’t have any of the ingredients like cocoa, sugar, flour, and baking powder. The two of us had plenty of cannabis as well as an inventory that we could find in the pantry. The two of us slow cook a marinara pasta sauce. Inside of the pasta sauce was all of the Cannabis buds. The marijuana buds were chopped up super fine after going through that grinder multiple times. The sauce had all of the Cannabis flowers mixed in and I decided to serve it on noodles. I wasn’t sure if the two of us would enjoy the taste or not, and to be honest it was much like a handful of pasta sauce with dirt. It wasn’t particularly delicious, but the Cannabis sauce made me feel totally as well as completely stoned. Now we know the process of simmering the marijuana for a long time well help decarboxylate all of the buds. That is one important step in making edibles.

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