I have a standard route for cannabis delivery

Call me old school, but I still ride my bike on my delivery route. Everyone else who works here takes a car, but not me. For twenty years I have been riding my bike through the downtown streets of this city, and I daresay no one knows them as well as I do. By not driving a car I save a lot of money on gas, tolls, parking meters, and paying tickets. The delivery range is pretty close to the cannabis dispensary, so nine times out of ten I can get to a delivery spot as fast as any car. In the big city, weed delivery is a game of nickels and dimes. By that I mean that most of my regular customers order a small amount every week or two, so my weed delivery route is somewhat set, and never involves large quantities. I could easily carry forty pounds worth of weed products on my back for the delivery route, but usually it is only a fraction of that weight. Even though there aren’t the cannabis possession laws on the books any longer, most people still only feel comfortable with having a misdemeanor amount of cannabis products in their home. This works for me, because after a while I tend to learn a little about everyone, so it feels like doing weed delivery to my friends and associates instead of strangers. Because I use my bike all the time, I save a lot of cash and basically all the tips I get from my weed delivery route go straight into my savings.

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