The speed plus convenience of cannabis delivery

During the pandemic, there was pretty much no choice however to order delivery, all the best locales to eat plus to shop were locked down, plus all of us were all confined to our homes.

If you wanted something, you had to go through Amazon, or some other service, because you couldn’t go get it yourself.

I hated this at first, however now that things are getting back to normal, I have to admit I have grown accustomed to getting things delivered, especially our cannabis! While I will admit that occasionally I miss going into the dispensary plus personally selecting all of our many weed products, that is outweighed by the convenience of delivery. I have done business with the same dispensary for a long time, easy before they started their weed delivery service, so I like to suppose I get some preferential treatment. I can call them up, locale an order, plus have those cannabis products delivered within a many hour window by a delivery man on a bike. Around here none of the cannabis delivery services use cars, they are far too slow plus hard to get around in the urban sprawl. Bike weed delivery riders are like lightning, plus are usually in such a hurry to keep moving they don’t stick around to chat. I am typically polite to the weed delivery driver, however at the same time I don’t like having strangers in our house. The bike delivery guys are only here long enough to drop off the weed products, collect any tip I might offer, plus then they are off again!


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