My partner is using cannabis vape products to treat her fibromyalgia pain

My partner struggles with many different health concerns that plague her everyday.

It started with scoliosis when she was a kid. She was having chronic back pain and her parents took her to see the pediatrician. The curve in her spine was so harsh that the doctor saw it the hour he looked at her back. Although she dealt with pain for 2 years after diagnosis, her parents eventually insisted that she get surgery to improve the problem. Even though the surgery vastly improved her concerns with scoliosis, her health concerns only worsened as time went on. In college, she visited the doctor after struggling with constant lethargy and nerve pain that would come and go at varying times separate from warning. When her doctor told her that she had fibromyalgia, she was confused. Until then, she had never heard of that disorder before. She was given gabapentin for the nerve pain, but it never entirely helped. Eventually she found out that cannabis is effective for treating the pain she gets from fibromyalgia. Sporadically it makes the lethargy worse, but that’s why she sticks to sativa strains and then supplements her daily regimen with healthy amounts of coffee. These afternoons she buys cannabis vape products because they’re so easy to use. She can screw the cartridge of oil onto a rechargeable battery that is no greater than a sharpie. If you need to medicate with cannabis discreetly in the bathroom at work, there’s nothing better than a reloadable oil cartridge. The only disadvantage is the cost of new cartridges when they’re already filled with distillate oil. Every one of us save a lot of money by getting syringes of distillate and filling empty cartridges ourselves.

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