A sense of community amongst pot smokers

People who have never given a fair chance to smoking pot will never understand the sense of community it gives you.

You can smoke out with a total stranger, and one amazing conversation later you have a friend for life.

There is a sense of bonding that comes with sharing a bowl or a joint, and it’s one of those little things about pot that you don’t know unless you know from experience. This is why I am so glad that the cannabis dispensary down the street has opened an outdoor smoker’s lounge, and made it a fun place to hang out. Every other cannabis dispensary I have been to is somewhat cold and clinical, like a CVS pharmacy with Grateful Dead artwork on the walls. This one was different in tone and vibe, not to mention the little cannabis cafe they had opened in the back room. In an effort to turn the place into a hang out spot, the cannabis dispensary also had a little stage for live music performances. It wasn’t exactly like a bar or a club, but it was a super cool place to hang out and have some edibles and listen to music. Out the back door is a little enclosed patio area, which has been designated for smoking cigarettes and cannabis, which they can’t do inside because they also sell food. I love this place because it really builds on that sense of community in the world of cannabis, and gives you a chance to smoke out and have great conversations with new people.


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