The dark days of ditch weed replaced by cannabis dispensaries

The dark days of ditch weed are a thing of the past, my friends.

We pot smokers used to have to hide in the shadows, keeping quiet lest we get in trouble with the law for trying to live our best lives. For years I had to settle for whatever weed was available from my local guy, if there was anything available at all! I would drive for two hours to visit a friend just because he had some extra weed to get rid of. Thankfully those days are gone, and now I can handle all my business at a cannabis dispensary like a civilized human being. To be clear, cannabis never should have been illegal in the first place, it was just a political ploy by the tobacco lobby. Although I am glad cannabis is legal in most places, I still don’t think that is enough, and they should release any person in jail for possession of marijuana. Isn’t it the epitome of foolishness to have state governments making billions of dollars from cannabis sales, while there are still tens of thousands of people in jail for the same thing? It is hypocritical, which is why all cannabis based offenses need to be expunged from the permanent record, and these people need to be given their lives back! It is definitely a great day in America when I can drive to any number of legal cannabis dispensaries and have my pick of the finest buds and flowers available. It will be an even better day in America when no one is rotting in jail for having the same cannabis I buy three times a week.

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