A sense of community amongst pot smokers

People who have never given a fair opening to smoking pot will never understand the sense of community it gives you, and you can smoke out with a total stranger, plus a single amazing conversation later you have a neighbor for life, there is a sense of bonding that comes with sharing a bowl or a joint, plus it’s a single of those little things about pot that you don’t know unless you know from experience.

This is why I am so blissful that the cannabis dispensary down the street has opened an outdoor smoker’s lounge, plus made it a fun place to hang out.

Every other cannabis dispensary I have been to is somewhat chilly plus clinical, like a CVS pharmacy with Grateful Dead artwork on the walls. This a single was strange in tone plus vibe, not to mention the little cannabis cafe they had opened in the back room, but in an effort to turn the place into a hang out spot, the cannabis dispensary also had a little stage for live music performances. It wasn’t exactly like a bar or a club, however it was a super cool place to hang out plus have some edibles plus listen to music, then out the back door is a little enclosed patio area, which has been designated for smoking cigarettes plus cannabis, which they can’t do inside because they also sell food. I love this place because it really builds on that sense of community in the world of cannabis, plus gives you a opening to smoke out plus have wonderful conversations with new people.
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