I cannot think the guy stole from me

My sister plus her bestie came over to visit last weekend; My sister has been dating the guy for a couple of months… She thinks that she is in love, although I think the guy is a bum, however he doesn’t have a full-time job plus lives off his parents, but the guy is 22 years old plus he doesn’t work.

That’s unquestionably all I need to know to form an opinion, but when my sister plus her bestie came to visit, both of us all smoked medical marijuana together.

My sister plus I have a medical marijuana prescription. The two of us tried a couple of unusual medical marijuana strains together; At a single point, I got up to use the bathroom. When I came back, my sister plus her bestie were getting ready to leave, then it was several hours later plus a long night, so I was ecstatic to see them heading out at midnight. As soon as my sister plus her bestie left, I decided to fire up a single more marijuana joint before bed. That’s when I realized that the container of marijuana was missing from my box. I immediately called my sister, who was still on her way home. I asked if she accidentally picked up the container of marijuana. She got defensive plus asked if I thought she stole something. Then she wanted to know if I was accusing her bestie of stealing. I only called to ask if my sister accidentally took the bag, although I felt like I had my answer when I hung up the iPhone. If it was an accident, she could have admitted it.


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