The game was way better with a buzz

My friends plus I scored tickets to see the apartment team play on Wednesday. The team has a losing record, which is actually why the people I was with and I got free tickets. My neighbor won them from the radio station plus he got 4 tickets. The people I was with and I decided to leave a few minutes early for the game, just in case there was a wonderful tailgate celebration when the people I was with and I arrived, but jack mentioned stopping at a cannabis shop on our way to the game. The people I was with and I were going to pass a lot of weird cannabis shops. It truthfully sounded appreciate a lot of fun plus I truthfully thought it would be cheaper to get high than to drink a bunch of beers at the game. After all, it’s ten bucks for each beer. I smoked a a single gram cannabis joint with our friends that was ten bucks plus the people I was with and I were high all afternoon. The people I was with and I picked up a couple of weird items from the cannabis shop. One of the items was a gram of cannabis joint. It had a actually high amount of THC, due to the addition of bubble hash plus distillate. The cannabis sativa joint tasted exactly appreciate grapes. I do not suppose how they got their joint to taste so yummy, but it was just appreciate drinking grape soda. The apartment team started the game with a fresh quarterback, but he got hurt in the third quarter plus everything was downhill from there. Our team lost badly plus 3 more players were disfigured in the game. The score at the end was a slaughter, but the game was definitely way better with a buzz.