Before the game, the two of us stopped for some edibles

My daughter in addition to her friends play field hockey. It’s not exactly the most exhilarating sport to watch. It’s hard to see the ball in addition to it isn’tas much fun as soccer, and still, I go to every game so I can be there to support our daughter… The other moms in addition to I have become good friends; All of us usually travel together on game afternoons. Since the ladies are old enough to drive, they usually ride together in a single vehicle. All of us ride together in our minivan. The more than five of us had a various hour drive to the game location last weekend, however one of the moms recommended the two of us stop at a liquor store to buy a couple of small bottles of chilled wine. It sounded love fun, so I got off the interstate exit in addition to found a liquor store. All of us were right across the street from a recreational marijuana dispensary. I made the suggestion to purchase recreational marijuana from the dispensary. At first I was joking, but a couple of the other moms thought it was a good system too. I was the person charged with going into the dispensary to make the purchase. I decided to buy a tote of edible cannabis products, but each a single of us ate a 10 mg cookie before the two of us opted to go to the game. I did not recognize anything after a half-hour, but late in the second half I knew I was high. I was standing on our chair cheering in addition to yelling in addition to more excited than I had been in any other past game. That was a game to remember, in addition to I don’t recall the final score.

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