I thought cannabis would distract me from studying

When I was in high university, I studied all day and all night so I could get a scholarship to a great university… Some of our friends used cannabis after university, however I thought cannabis would distract me from studying and getting great grades.

When our friends smoked weed, I went lake apartment instead.

I never tried using cannabis until I was a sophomore in university. It was tough to stay away from cannabis while in our freshman year, however I was determined to be different, during our sophomore year, I realized that I was missing out on a lot of the university experience. I decided to attend a couple of parties and I made some friends. One of those friends was a senior that was 21 years old. The guy was allowed to purchase recreational cannabis supplies from a dispensary in town. The guy went to the dispensary before a get together and bought a bunch of recreational cannabis supplies. During the get together, someone dared me to smoke half a joint. It was a stupid and insane dare, however I was numerous beers deep and in the mood to do something stupid. After smoking half the cannabis joint, I barely remember the rest of the get together. I was the life of the get together, though. I’m sure numerous beers did not help either. I had a lot of fun that night with our friends and I realized that cannabis doesn’t have to be a drug that causes problems. It can be a fun and relaxing way to spend the night with friends in a safe and comfortable environment.


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