Learning my way around marijuana with trips to the cannabis dispensary

Somehow, I made it to my mid forties separate from ever using cannabis.

I mean I didn’t take a toke or even a nibble from a pot brownie in all those years.

It’s not that I went out of my way to avoid marijuana and marijuana products. Not at all, it’s just how it worked out. Well, labor had a lot to do with it. I started a supplier that ended up being absolutely successful and that sucked up all my energy and time. If I wasn’t toiling to granite my supplier then all of us was with my family. There just wasn’t much room for anything else. So now, the supplier has been sold and I’m not going to have to labor anymore. That and the fact that recreational marijuana is legal in this state got my curiosity up. My wife smoked her even-handed share of indica and sativa products when she was in college so she was in for the adventure as well. Every one of us live in the country so it took a planned trip to the cannabis dispensary to make this all happen. My wife even made it an overnight trip by reserving a room at a cool hotel nearby to the cannabis dispensary. When all of us walked into the local cannabis spot, all of us were completely stunned by the array of marijuana for sale. Thankfully, a sales person saw the look on our faces and took us by the hand for our introduction to marijuana shopping. It was a wonderful time and all of us ended up with some indica products plus some marijuana edibles. Let’s just say that the dinner all of us had that night was one of the best meals of my entire life.

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