Before the hike, we grabbed some sativa disposables

Every Saturday morning, my friends and I go to the park so we can hike the trails.

The park close to our apartment has about a hundred fifty different Trails.

Some of them are easy, but they also have some trails that are only for experts. My friends and I are probably somewhere in the middle. We aren’t expert rock climbers, but we can spend the entire day hiking and still have plenty of energy left over when we are done. My friends and I decided to go on one of the longest hikes. The 8.3 mile trail has only one access point, so it is almost 17 miles for a round-trip walk to the top of the mountain and then back to the exit point. We knew it was going to be a long day, and I suggested stopping at a cannabis dispensary to grab some party favors. My friends didn’t object, so I stopped at the dispensary. I was the only person that went inside, but I grabbed a bunch of sativa products. I grabbed a disposable vape pen and a handful of different sativa edibles. While I was browsing the selection, another one of my friends came inside to join me. He decided to purchase some products from the cannabis dispensary as well. We checked out at the same time and headed toward the park. After we started walking on the hike, everyone wanted to try the cannabis products. I don’t know why my other friends didn’t want to go into the store, but they were happy to try all of the products that we purchased.

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