Finding a boutique dispensary

My husband and I move to a new spot every few weeks.

  • We live out of our RV.

We travel across the country. One thing that is especially beneficial about being mobile is the ability to travel to states for different weather, scenery and amenities. We particularly seek out states with legal recreational marijuana dispensaries. We tend to spend more time in those locations. Both my husband and I use medical marijuana regularly. When we settled into our last location, the first thing we did was check for local dispensaries. There are a couple of online apps that assist with this process. Some of the local dispensaries aren’t online. My husband and I were looking for a boutique cannabis dispensary where we could be sure of the quality of the products. We were looking for an operation that takes the cannabis from seed to sale. The dispensary we chose offered a lot of items that were listed BOGO. They had BOGO sales on dried flower, edibles, pre-rolls, and concentrates. The cannabis dispensary was only a ten minute drive from our mobile home. The buy 1, get 1 sale allowed us to purchase more items. We decided to make the drive with our bicycles and enjoy the beautiful weather and new scenery. When my husband and I arrived, we were excited by the wide array of strains, consumption methods and THC levels. Their shelves were filled with brilliant colors of flowers, tasty gummies, budder, wax, shatter and bubble hash. We decided to buy some single pre-rolls because they are super reasonable and allow us to try different terpenes without a big investment.


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