Getting cannabis delivered

However, because of the cannabis, I was especially relaxed

My friends and I were hanging out at our apartment on Saturday night. We had ordered the pay-per-view fights and bought some beer, wine and snacks. One of my roommates mentioned buying some cannabis from a local recreational dispensary. I thought it was a great idea to make for a better night. Unfortunately, my friends and I had already started drinking alcohol. We were worried we were over the legal limit. Getting in the car and driving to the dispensary was not possible. One of my roommates mentioned that the cannabis dispensary offers delivery to our local area. We went online and looked up their product menu. The menu was extensive. There were a lot of consumption methods, strains and THC levels available. The two of us decided to get some pre-rolled joints and a variety of edibles. We needed to purchase a certain amount to qualify for free delivery. We expected it to take a while for our items to arrive, especially because it was the weekend. It takes at least half an hour just to get a pizza delivered. My friends and I were surprised when it took the delivery driver less than twenty minutes to alert us he had arrived. We watched the fights, smoked a bit of flower, ate a few gummies and had a really great time. The main event came on quite late. Normally, I get bored by that time. However, because of the cannabis, I was especially relaxed. I sometimes suffer from social anxiety. Being with my close friends and having the advantage of quality cannabis makes a difference.

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