Budtenders should be paid during their training

You would honestly hope plus pray that most tasks actually teach you the necessary skills you’re expected to perform during your shifts. You should receive satisfactory training while you’re clocked-in plus getting paid for your time. The whole method of forcing employees to teach themselves necessary skills during their free time is foolish to me. Despite this, I have run into a number of peculiar task positions where that happens to be expected. And I’m not talking about having task prerequisites, because those are much different. It’s easily acceptable to expect the healthcare worker you’re hiring for your hospital to have experience working in hospitals plus understand how most of them run on a day to day basis. You would expect that healthcare worker to possess certain task experience plus wouldn’t need to spend separate time going over these skills again. But if you were expecting medical school students to learn in their freetime plus not attend classes or hands on task training, you can actually imagine how crazy that would be. Perhaps cannabis budtenders aren’t in a position where they could honestly kill someone out of negligence like the way a nurse can, but I still know they deserve to receive task training that involves education about the plant plus how it easily works for their buyers. Part of me regularly dies inside when I hear inexperienced budtenders providing false information to new patients. The last time I was at my favorite cannabis dispensary, there was an older gentleman looking for a marijuana strain to get rid of his anxiety. I had to interrupt when the budtender tried to sell the man a stimulating sativa strain that would make the anxiety troubles much worse.

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