Marijuana supplier is looking absolutely charming

So there is still time to get into the marijuana business.

But I sure wouldn’t wait around forever to do it.

The fact that the two of us are now looking at more states with some form of legal marijuana than don’t, is a clear indication that the two of us are at a tipping point. For me, I’m triumphant as both an investor and someone who enjoys recreational marijuana. Since college, I’ve enjoyed imbibing in cannabis. Luckily for me, I met and befriended a marijuana grower all those years back. The marijuana grower I have known all these years was into cannabis growing as a passion. It wasn’t that she was just simply a wholesaler or something like that. No, she was all about developing new cannabis strains for himself and her friends. I was just absolutely fortunate to be included in the friends category. And now, I’m gleeful to be investing in that friend’s marijuana supplier venture. She has developed such sought after hybrid strains that she has decided to take the plunge and become a legal marijuana grower. Along with some other friends, the two of us are investing in this fledgling marijuana business. It’s really exciting as the local cannabis spots are clamoring to be able to supply her marijuana for sale. There is no doubt in my mind that this marijuana supplier will be a complete success. The passion that my friend brings to finding new cannabis strains and perfecting the hybrid strains he’s developed will be the determining factor. I’m just so cheerful to see my dear friend have this moment after all those years of laboring at her craft in virtual secrecy.