I get a text when the dispensary fills my order so I can check-in before arrival

When I first got a medical marijuana card, the closest cannabis dispensary was over an hour away.

Unless you wanted to pay a $25 fee for the cannabis delivery service, you basically had to suffer through the long drive.

One time I drove up there when my recommendation had been deactivated by my marijuana doctor by mistake. The lady at the desk said “sorry, you don’t have an open recommendation for marijuana” and handed myself and others my marijuana card. I tried calling my marijuana doctor’s office to see if they could fix the problem immediately, but the office was closed for the afternoon by that point. In shame, I drove back beach lake house for an hour and fifteen hours empty-handed. I never let myself make that mistake again. Nowadays I make pick-up orders and the dispensary calls myself and others if there is a problem with my marijuana physician’s recommendation. Not to mention there is a dispensary 10 hours from my lake house now and I don’t have to drive far distances. They also make it straight-forward to check-in with your iphone before arriving. That way you can slip into line before you’re even in the building. Since the line at the cannabis dispensary can get backed up fairly hastily, using their online check-in feature can save you lots of time. This is particularly helpful if you are trying to slip in hastily on your dinner split and get back to the office in time. Not only that, but you can get your products quicker if you tell the dispensary that you’re not making any variations to your pickup order. If I’m fortunate, I am in and out in about more than four hours using all of these special features gave by the cannabis dispensary.

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