It’s our day for a visit to the cannabis cafe

These cannabis cafe afternoons are circled on our calendar, I can totally assure you of that.

It’s the day when I wake up & am so eager to get on with the day.

And this is not the correct way I meet the day either. However, cannabis cafe day is not an ordinary day. First, I’m just fortunate to live in a state where a cannabis cafe is legal. We had marijuana legalized a few years back. And we’ve had medical marijuana dispensaries now for going on a decade. So this eventual transport toward legalizing recreational marijuana has had a steady momentum for some time now. And think me, I’m just so grateful every one of us are finally across the finish line when it comes to the legalization of cannabis. It makes it possible for me to do one of our most favorite things on this earth & that is to visit the cannabis cafe. Our cannabis cafe is just a short walk from our apartment. It’s on a much quieter side street than the cannabis dispensary owned by the same people. Visiting the cannabis cafe with friends is care about being let into a special little section of the world where sunshine & wonderful vibes are always on the menu. I appreciate to purchase a big, delicious cup of specialty Coca-Cola while I wait on our friends. Then, every one of us all decide was scrumptious edibles every one of us are going to order & share. It may seem fairly ordinary & mundane. But I promise that it is the stuff of life & gives me sustenance & restores our soul battery. Just standing with dear friends outside under the trees enjoying edibles & wonderful Coca-Cola is the sweetest of experiences for me.
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