Live resin concentrate is the best product in the store

Live resin cannabis concentrates are very potent products.

Live resin concentrates have a nice flavor and aroma.

This is due to the extraction process. There are many different processes that turn the cannabis plant into an extract. One technique produces an extremely potent product. The freshly harvested plants are frozen in Sub-Zero temperatures. The plants do not have to be dried or cured. When the plant is frozen immediately, the cannabis sativa products retain their terpenes, flavors, and fragrance. Live resin products are usually yellow or light green. They have many different consistencies such as crumble, badder, sauce, and wax. Live resin concentrates have a much higher terpene count and that means the flavor is very strong. They are more expensive than other cannabis concentrates that are not extracted from the live plant. One of my favorite live resin concentrate products is super silver haze. This sativa dominant strain is hard to find in live resin concentrate products. Super Silver Haze has won several different first prize cups. It is a hybrid sativa strain made from northern lights and haze. The effects of the strain are great for reducing stress and boosting appetite. When I do find this particular strain, I usually purchase a couple of containers. I found this particular strain at an older marijuana shop that has great prices and sales everyday. I purchased 2 grams of super silver haze. One was a live resin product and the other was a shatter. Both were equally tasty and filled with terpenes, but the live resin was a much better and longer lasting high.



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