The customer did not have enough cash

Tuesday night was very busy at the cannabis shop where I work.

Tuesdays are regularly a busy night, however it was 420 last Tuesday and 1 of our busiest afternoons of the year.

I spent the first more than three hours of my shift in the dispensary. I did not leave the counter at all. I had 1 customer after another. The people I was with and I had a lot of sales and specials that day and the store was filled with clients. Tuesday night my boss asked me to work as a delivery driver. I did not mind taking my car out on a couple of deliveries. One of the deliveries went to the west side of town. I had $200 worth of cannabis supplies for the order. I called and texted the customer when I was a few hours away from the residence. The customer did not answer the iPhone. I continued on to the address. When I arrived at my destination, I called the customer once again. This time she picked up the iPhone. I told her that I was outside with her order and she told me that she did not have enough cash to pay for everything. I got out of the car and walked up to the house. The customer had $165. The people I was with and I had to go through the order item-by-item so she could get rid of a few items. When the order was at $165 exactly, the lady told me to stop. She paid the money for the products and did not give me a tip. I did not even get a single dollar from that delivery.


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