The PTSD symptoms were getting worse

I use medical marijuana products to help with our PTSD symptoms.

I had a truly traumatic childhood plus both of our parents abused our brother plus I when the people I was with and I were young! Eventually they ended up in prison for 5 years plus our brother plus I went to a foster home. At first, both of us were in separate homes! My brother wasn’t doing truly well on his own, so the state worker decided to arena both of us in the same home. Eventually the people I was with and I ended up with a mom that adopted both of us plus gave us a affectionate plus traditional home. Mom sent both of us to a therapist so the people I was with and I could talk about our childhood. The therapist told our mom that I was suffering from PTSD. I talked with a therapist twice a month for 6 years. I started taking medication when I was 17 years old. I was depressed frequently. The doctor felt a yearly pill would help with the depression. Unluckyly, the pills made me think suicidal. I stopped taking them plus didn’t try anything else. When medical marijuana products were legalized across the state, I decided to visit a dispensary. I spoke with someone in the store about the PTSD symptoms plus depression. The contender helped me opening out a couple of unusual items. Most of the Cannabis products were sativas. The budtender told me that sativa cannabis products are uplifting plus energizing. Sativa cannabis products are perfect for patients suffering from depression plus suicidal thoughts. I genuinely didn’t expect much from the cannabis products, however they help a great deal.

Medical marijuana