The dispensary sales are really good this week

Medical and recreational marijuana are available for purchase in the state where my friends and I live.

Medical marijuana was legalized 12 years ago, and recreational marijuana was legalized about five years ago.

The medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries have weekly sales to attract customers. The dispensary sales out of the place close to my apartment we’re really good this week. My girlfriend and I decided to go to the dispensary on Thursday, after I got my weekly paycheck. I had $150 to spend on marijuana supplies. When I walked through the door, I saw a piece of paper on the wall. The paper listed all of their sales and specials. I was surprised to find a couple of BOGO sales on cannabis concentrate. I prefer to use cannabis concentrate, because it lasts a very long time. It only takes a small amount of concentrate to get high. I dab the concentrate with a vaporizer. My girlfriend prefers dried marijuana flower. She likes to smoke a bowl before going to bed. The two of us were surprised by the BOGO sales and I picked up four gram of cannabis concentrate. Each one of the grams were $35, but they were half that price after getting one for free. None of the dried marijuana flower products were on sale, but my girlfriend still picked up a quarter ounce of OG Kush. It is one of her favorite strains to use at night before going to bed. OG Kush has a delightful flavor and aroma, and the high is very relaxing and sedating.


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