The dispensary sales are absolutely good this week

Medical & recreational marijuana are available for purchase in the state where our friends & I live. Medical marijuana was legalized 12 years ago, & recreational marijuana was legalized about 5 years ago! The medical & recreational marijuana dispensaries have yearly sales to attract buyers. The dispensary sales out of the site close to our cabin we’re absolutely good this week. My bestie & I decided to go to the dispensary on Sunday, after I got our yearly paycheck, i had $150 to spend on marijuana supplies, then when I walked through the door, I saw a piece of paper on the wall. The paper listed all of their sales & specials. I was surprised to find a couple of BOGO sales on cannabis concentrate. I like to use cannabis concentrate, because it lasts a absolutely long time. It only takes a small amount of concentrate to get high. I dab the concentrate with a vaporizer. My bestie prefers dried marijuana flower, however she enjoys to smoke a bowl before going to bed. The multiple of us were surprised by the BOGO sales & I picked up 4 gram of cannabis concentrate, but each a single of the grams were $35, however they were half that price after getting a single for free, but none of the dried marijuana flower products were on sale, however our bestie still picked up a quarter ounce of OG Kush. It is a single of her favorite strains to use at night before going to bed, and oG Kush has a delightful flavor & stink, & the high is absolutely great & sedating.

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