The purchaser kept getting louder & louder

Monday was a slow afternoon at the cannabis dispensary, however the two of us had a couple of problems.

Sometime during the day, a purchaser walked through the door.

The girl was annoyed about a purchase she made a few afternoons previously, then she told the director of the cannabis dispensary that the concentrate product she bought was awful. The director asked if the purchaser had the rest of the a single gram jar. The purchaser didn’t have any product, although she was requesting a full refund for the $35 cannabis product. The director tried to tell the purchaser that the two of us do not offer refunds unless they have the product in hand. The girl became even more annoyed & annoyed. Her voice kept getting louder & louder; At a single point she was basically screaming at the director. When the director had enough, she motioned for the security guard to step in & help with the problem. When the security officer entered the situation, the purchaser changed her entire attitude. She went from annoyed & annoyed to angry & violent. She tried to punch the security officer & she pushed the director to the ground. The security officer tackled the purchaser & held him on the ground until the local police could arrive. The director didn’t want to press charges, however the police urged her to file a report. The perpetrator had a record & could have gone back to jail. My boss took pity on the guy, however banned him from the dispensary indefinitely. She won’t ever be allowed back in the store after that outburst.

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