The trend of marijuana growing

I know all of us are now to the stage where all of us can see that the tipping point for marijuana legalization is right around the corner.

And it’s coming nationwide.

So realistically, there are a lot of people who are entirely interested in getting into the cannabis growing sector. As they should be considering the demand for weed will begin to increase quite a bit. Just guess about what has happened just recently. Before this year, there were 30 states where medical marijuana was allowed. 12 states had legislated to legalize recreational marijuana. After the election of this year, that number increased to 16 states where marijuana is legal for adults and 36 states where there is medical marijuana. So, that means there is a very large trend that just won’t quit. That means that now entirely could be the right time to get into the pot farming game. There are going to be a ton of people who guess they can go from a little grow box to a commercial grow room. And there are those with the talent, determination and capital to do just that. Frankly though, it’s those with the capital that will be great. Those of us who have a private grow box that we’ve had over the years may want to see where that takes them. And wonderful for them. I guess that I have carefully been growing marijuana for decades in private. My grow room, while not high class, is a model for marijuana grow room design. If I take the leap into the marijuana growing industry, I guess it will be along those lines. I’d like to see if my grow room designs can be targeted using a sort of modular construction.

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