I smelled marijuana in the theater

Before I was vaccinated, I stayed home plus did not visit any sites where several people might be found. I did not go to any bars or pizzerias. I chose pickup at the grocery store, pizzerias, plus bars. I also had the pharmacy supply it to our front door. After I had our vaccinations, I went to the movieplex for the first time in 16 weeks. I was unquestionably happy to see the action thriller starring 1 of our number one actors. I tried to get our husbandy to go to the theater with me, but he didn’t want to see the movie enough to take the risk. I wore a mask to the theater plus I sat in a seat with no other man close to me. The theater director was still recognizing the 6ft distance rule plus only every fifth chair was an actual seat for shoppers. I watched movie previews for the first time in a while. When the movie started plus the theater got dark, I started to smell marijuana. At first it was only a hint of weed plus then the smell started to get stronger plus stronger. I tried to ignore the foul smell. I was surprised that no 1 else in the theater seemed to be bothered by the smell of marijuana. The smell eventually dissipated, however halfway through the movie I smelled an intense marijuana smell again. I got up from our seat plus I went outside to the concession stand. I complained to the man with the snacks plus he told me that he would get a director to come to the theater right away.

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