Sativa & indica strains are vastly different

Sativa marijuana strains are categorized by their effect. Sativa strains are known to be energizing, uplifting, & invigorating. Sativa strains are known to reduce stress & anxiety duringcreasing our mental acuity. Indica strains are known to affect our entire body. They help lower stress levels & allow the body to relax. Indica strains are known to help with insomnia. It’s pressing to suppose the difference between an indica & a sativa strain, especially if you are looking for a desired effect from the cannabis product; Before I had a medical marijuana card, I was purchasing marijuana from a person that grew plants in his yard. I never knew if I was going to get a hybrid, sativa, or indica strain. It was the same price all the time, even when the batch was less than perfect with low-thc. After I got our medical marijuana card, I realized that the products from the dispensary are much better than anything I was buying from the street. The dispensary has to go through a rigorous testing system & the batches need to be certified before they can be sold in stores. The products on the shelf of the medical marijuana dispensary are top quality. They are made for people that are using marijuana for medical relief. It’s nice to have a product that honestly works & doesn’t cause a habit. It is also fantastic to have a sizable selection. I don’t have to take a pill in order to feel better. I can drink a soda, eat a candy bar, or even smoke a marijuana cigarette.

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