Upgrading my growing design

This past year was all it entirely took for myself and others to finally get hardcore about turning my love of weed into my livelihood.

And I’m both happy and a bit scared.

You see, I want to get into cannabis raising full time. I have recently tendered my resignation at my work. This is a job I have held for almost twenty years. I have been with this business since I got out of school. But if I’m ever going to see what I can do with my passion for pot raising, now is the time to be doing that. But it’s entirely a shell game. I’m using much of my savings to launch a commercial grow room on my property. Happily, my property is correctly zoned for cannabis cultivation and any sort of farming. I have a great set up with the actual building on my property. For the last 8 weeks, I have been redoing the main shed so it could host a commercial grow op. So far, I have done all of this on my own and without entirely tapping any money. It’s the licensing and developing the grow room that will be the source of needed funds. But after 25 years of expert cannabis cultivation under the radar, I want to see what I can do. While I have never sold any of the weed from my pot growing, I have given it away. And the reviews have been so wonderful. So, it’s with a mixture of excitement and fear that I take the full time plunge into marijuana growing however on a commercial grow op scale.

Extraction Lab Construction