You have to be quick if you see strains you want available on the dispensary’s website

When my state legalized medical marijuana, we had less than 50,000 patients in the state within the first year.

  • There were only a handful of dispensary locations open, but most of the companies offered cannabis delivery services.

Granted, the options for product selection was limited, but I wasn’t competing with as many people on a daily basis for good marijuana products when they were getting restocked at each location. You would see a syringe or vaporizer cartridge of cannabis distillate oil on the dispensary’s website and there was a good chance that you’d see the same product the next day. Everything changed when the cannabis dispensaries in my state started offering whole flower products. Suddenly a bunch of people signed up with the state medical marijuana program and products were now going out of stock within hours of getting posted to the store website. Nowadays it’s so bad that you need to keep refreshing the online menu throughout the day for each cannabis store if you want to get your favorite products and strains. But since some products are released in batches of 20 to 30 jars each, the entire inventory for the day can appear one minute and disappear fifteen minutes later. Unless you’re checking the cannabis dispensary website all day long, you won’t even know that a particular marijuana product was available in the first place. I wish that the marijuana stores would release larger batches of their products. Having to compete with hundreds of thousands of other people in the state for the same cannabis products is daunting, especially if it’s a strain like OG Kush or Northern Lights.

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